Thanks for visiting my little corner of this big world!  I currently live in Western Michigan with my husband and 3 teenagers.  I am a mom to 4 beautiful young people and step mom to 2 more.  I work for a computer software company, but have my Bachelors in Fine Arts, go figure! However, I have found having an artistic mind has benefited me in all aspects of life!  I can visualize the big picture, but have the ability to break down the process to get there.   Creating a piece of art, whether it is visual like a painting or sculpture, or literary, like a story, requires a person to have an end goal, but have the discipline to plan the process to achieve that vision, and to cultivate the problem solving skills that come with hurdles of bringing this vision to life.  An artist can bring this skill set to every aspect of their lives.

I love painting, but don’t have enough time in my schedule (or make the time, I suppose) to paint too much lately, but I have big plans for some day!  I’m constantly working on a home improvement project or some kind of project because I love the process of transformation, but I do believe my husband does not find it as invigorating.  Other life pleasures I’m passionate about include gardening, cooking (but mainly eating delicious, but healthy food), craft beer, traveling, my family, the arts of all kinds, visual, literary, music, comedy!  I’m a Christian, but I feel like I still have so much to learn and discover about God, but as I walk this road and ask questions and dig into knowing Him, I’m blessed by it.  My blog is about all of that, in no particular order……



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