The Joy of Tidying and Painting

I like to organize. I know, I’m weird. I’m told that quite often by my family. I’m ok with it. I’m methodical in my organizing, and I need to have closure on a project or an area I’m organizing. No loose ends, if I can help it.

So, when my mom told me about the Marie Kondo book, I was excited! A method, a system for organizing your whole house!! Let me at it! I have been lost in the organizing vortex since quickly reading her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, in early September and am still in the process of “getting my home in order”.

We have loaded up Gregg’s explorer 5 times and taken the items to the local Gospel Mission. And I currently have another load waiting in the garage to be donated! I have filled up many garbage bags of items that I’ve held onto for the wrong reasons and said goodbye, thank you for your service, and finally discarded them. We’ve sold items on Craigslist and Ebay that have been sitting neglected in the storage room or garage, allowing them to go and serve their purpose! Liberating! I love it!  My goal is to go through every item and area in my home and have it sorted, downsized and organized, keeping only those items that bring us joy or we actually use and need.

While in the middle of this organizing binge, I decided that the entryway/stairway needed to be painted and wainscoting added to the stairway wall.  I had been thinking and planning this change for about a year now, thinking I would wait until we could afford to pull the carpet up and replace with hardwood and white risers, but I decided I couldn’t stand the sloppy paint job by the previous owner any longer.  Carpet replacement could be done later.  I enjoy making these changes to our home, and love how paint and sometimes simple changes can transform a space.  As I usually do, I dive into a project excited and with a lot of energy and enthusiasm!

As you can see, Gregg was just as excited to spend the long weekend of the Thanksgiving holiday tackling this job with me!  (I tend to agree with his sentiment about halfway through a project, wondering what the heck I was thinking about taking on this job ourselves??  But I never admit my doubts to him!)


We added the white wainscoting with minimal cost, since we used the wall as the center instead of adding wood.  I love the paint color, which is Sherwin Williams Khaki Shade, part of their Urban Organic family of paint colors.  I forgot to take pictures before we added the wainscoting, but here are a few of before and after the painting was completed.

Eventually the carpet will be pulled up, looking forward to that happy day, and I will get to add the hardwood and white risers.  (Learning a lesson on patience and only buying when we have cash in hand to pay for the house upgrade!) I am very happy with how the wainscoting breaks up the large expanse of wall by the stairway.  Now I need to add photos and artwork, and I’ve already started  the planning process on what I plan to add.  Gregg is an amazing photographer, so I will choose some of our favorite images from the listings of his work on our freshly launched Etsy shop!  Updike Studios!   Take a gander….




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