Why do I write?

Why do I write?

And why do I write a blog?

I feel most comfortable expressing myself through written word rather than through verbal expression.

I write to voice my inner thoughts, my ideas, without being the center of attention.

I write to connect with other people. I want to commune with others without it feeling contrived or sappy.

I write to express my authentic self in a deliberate, planned fashion.

I write because I want to know the creative struggles of others and be honest about mine.

I write about my experiences of the day to day of living, of mothering, of being a wife, daughter, sister, friend, of how the housework gets done, the dinners get made, the dishes get cleaned, the yard work gets done, yet how I strive to find the beautiful, the creative, the sacred in all of it or at least some of it, and I want to connect with others and see how their life gets expressed, to learn about their struggles and triumphs.

Sometimes my reasons are jumbled, unclear, and I hope to bring clarity with the deliberate action of writing.



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