Hannah’s room: BoHo style

Hannah and I have been picking away at her room over the last couple of months….. It’s been nice having something the two of us can discuss, share ideas, and get excited about.  She has developed her own personal sense of style in the clothes she chooses and now this is beginning to spill over to the items she wants to surround herself with in her room.  For a long time, she didn’t care in the least, and I could barely find the floor and furniture under the mountains of discarded clothing.  The fact that she is interested in expressing herself in the style of her room is welcome and she claims she will even keep it picked up.  This may mean clothes at the bottom of the closet instead of the middle of room or stuffed into the dresser instead of thrown on top, but I will take it!

Hannah & Me

Here is her room, just after we had rolled up our sleeves and got to work.  (I completely forgot to take pictures before we started deconstructing her room.)

We have repainted the walls, repainted the ceiling, touched up the trim and baseboard paint, painted the iron bed the aqua color that was once on the walls, and touched up the pink paint on the small side table and added elephant knob (from World Market).

Hannah choose the small blue tea light lanterns, and I added the seashell chandelier, which my older daughter kept from my some of my grandmother’s things.  I added a lamp cord from Ikea.

Seashell Chandelier

I also took an old table I bought at an auction, and painted it a soft blue/green for her bedside table.

Some of the accessories that Hannah has hand picked for her room include, a buddha incense holder, and succulent plants that we recently potted.

Table accessories

She also picked up this wooden elephant at an estate sale.  The estate sale was from my grandpa’s brother’s home, Uncle Dick, so not only is it very hip and very Hannah, but it is from family.  We already had the pink ceramic elephant that my mom had picked up for Hannah at a thrift shop, and the jewelry box was a World Market find which I gave to Hannah for Christmas.

Table accessories

Hannah also picked out these sun and moon motif vertical mirrors while out antique shopping last summer and the hooked rug with the star, above the door, was made by my talented sister while the switch plate was hand-painted by yours truly.

Hannah also picked out the vibrant tapestry, which I found on Etsy.com.  Other items that we have on our to do list in order to complete her room are:

1.  New bedding-the plan is all white with a colorful throw at the foot of the bed.

2.  New shade for the window and some sort of curtain or valance.

3.  Colorful footstool or chair for the corner.

4.  Artwork/photos.

5.  New flooring (long term plan is to pull up the carpet and do hardwood, but short term solution in the interim is to purchase a rug, looking on Etsy for this).

The cute little dog can stay.

Hannah's room 2




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