Spring Firepit Project (or the Pure Michigan method of Christmas Tree disposal)

I’ve had this landscaping idea saved in an Ideabook on houzz.com for a few years now, and it was my intention to create a similar space in our back yard this spring.

When the Menards sale flyer landed in our mailbox, and I found the fire ring kit that I had my eye on last year, on sale for only $87.00,  I excitedly shoved the flyer in front of Gregg and made the announcement, “We are going to Menards this weekend!”  He agreed, “whatever you want, sweetie,” but I’m not sure he even looked at it.  We didn’t discuss our up coming project again until the morning of the planned pick up, because that is how we roll! No sense in planning ahead too much!  Saturday, before Donovan’s hockey game, we discussed how we were going to approach the project.  Cell phones were hot from googling how-to articles, and after reading the instructions on how to lay a flagstone patio, I was already exhausted!

I wanted to create it in phases, starting with the firepit and adding the surrounding flagstone later, but Gregg pointed out that the entire area  would need to be leveled first, then crushed rock, which would need to be tamped down and then sand added and tamped down, and then the firepit and the flagstone could be installed!  Way more than I wanted to attempt, but Gregg seemed confident he could get it done.  So we went and bought the firepit kit, drove home, and went out to the yard with stakes, string and a measuring tape.

We had a septic field to avoid, and a sloping yard, and after much discussion, we both realized that digging a space big enough for the flagstone patio, was way beyond our capabilities and endurance.   I was ready to lay down and take a nap just thinking about the process!  So I simplified my plan:  install a fire pit and surround it with Adirondack chairs.  The project was successfully completed in a matter of a few hours.  My kind of do it yourself project!

Best part was finally being able to get rid of the Christmas Tree!  Because in Michigan, when Christmas and New year’s is over, you take your Tree outside, tree stand and all, and shove it under your back yard deck, letting the snow drift and (hopefully) cover it.  And in the spring, when you finally pull it out in order to clean up and prepare the flower beds, you remove the tree stand, and drag it to the firepit for the spectacular snap, crackle and pop of a quick but magnificent blaze!  Because as my sister says, “Nothing says spring like a burning Christmas tree!”

Happy Spring!


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