Media Room- almost complete

I’ve been holding off on posting our new media/hang out room in the recently finished basement until all the details of the room have been checked off my list, but I’ve come to the realization that might be many months, if not years, down the road, especially at the snail pace Gregg and I seem to move.  It is mostly finished, and furniture placement was something of a challenge, since we recycled furniture, rather than going out and buying new, mainly because getting new furniture isn’t in our budget at this time. This left our living space off the kitchen somewhat barren looking, but I plan to repaint and hopefully redo this room anyway down the road.  Gregg and Donovan moved the furniture around several times for me and were really good sports about it.  Even Louie got involved!

I really love the family space in the basement.  It feels cozy.  The shelving was an add on after the drywall was up, since there was a radon pipe in the corner that couldn’t be completely concealed behind the walls and the fact that Gregg had a large album collection still in boxes, so we decided to have our contractor add that in.  I’m very happy with it, and so is Gregg.  He generally listens to an album or two almost nightly now.  But there is still some arranging that needs to be done on the shelves.  Basically, we just moved what we had in boxes on the shelves for now, and for the moment it works.



Here are the items that still need to be completed:

1.  Blinds for the windows

2.  An ottoman (I’m thinking something round, perhaps with storage, and a tray can sit on top to hold drinks/snacks when needed.

3.  Art for the walls.  I’m working on some paintings and ideas now.

4.  Storage for all of Gregg’s CD’s that are piled on the shelves willy nilly.  Gregg has plans drawn up, and he is working with my dad, the master carpenter, on a storage system that will fit into the shelving, but will also be aesthetically pleasing.

5.  Arranging/decorating/fine tuning the objects on the shelves.

In the meantime, as I wait to find the time and money to complete the checklist, I’m enjoying the music, the movies, and the family time spent in our new space.



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