Operation Hardwood Flooring

Once again Gregg and I way underestimated the time and effort required for a DIY home improvement project.  Installing hardwood floors in our living room.  The room is only about 15′ x 14′ feet, so piece of cake, right?  Gregg took a Monday off work and we figured a good 8 hours devoted to the task would be enough.  We had prepped over the weekend.  Repainted the ceiling (a warmer white, which surprisingly made a big difference in the room), repainted the trim, and ripped up the old carpet.  (And I got to tell you that felt wonderful!  Good bye pet dander!  Good bye 10 years of accumulated dirt and dust.  Good bye puppy pee stains!)  And we had installed the underlayment.  We researched the job on google, went to Lumber Liquidators, asked all the questions, rented the necessary nail gun from Home Depot, bought the appropriate nails.  After breakfast Monday morning, we were sure we would have a new beautiful hardwood floor completed by dinnertime. 

Gregg worked non stop all day and when I finished up work for the day, I jumped in, and we both worked until 11:30 pm, well past dinnertime.   At one point, I laid down on the freshly installed floor side of the room to give my back a break from bending over all night fitting the wood puzzle pieces together, a bit later Gregg took his turn.  And we still went to bed with the floor three quarters done!

It did finally get finished and, of course, I’m doing my usual stop and admire several times a day.

A few days later, I was ready to move to the next item on my home improvement list, but I made a promise to Gregg on that long Monday that once he finished this project, we would take December and January off!  A whole 2 months!  I’m so generous, just ask Gregg. 

I was tempted to move on, work on a project on my list that I didn’t need Gregg’s help with, but I talked myself out of it.  I need to slow down, focus on Christmas, and enjoy what we have accomplished this past year.  At times, I get so wrapped up on what I want to do, I forget to enjoy what I have.  Time to enjoy and have a grateful heart.


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