Rainbow Row

I usually choose sleep. But not this time, this trip I decided to rise with my early bird husband. Our time in Charleston would be short, and I was determined to visually soak myself with as much of this city as I could. Gregg always gets up before sunrise on our vacations, as a photographer, he likes the light as the sun peeks over the horizon, and I have to say after finally getting up with him and experiencing it myself, I have to agree with him.

With coffees and cameras in hand, we hopped in our Subaru and headed toward East Bay Street. The city was just beginning to stretch its legs, the streets were quiet, with the exception of a lone resident or two walking their dogs or clocking in their morning run. The darkness of the night was slowly fading to gray as we found a parking space next to St Michael’s church on Broad Street. We finished our now lukewarm coffees, gathered our cameras and headed down toward the Harbor.

In a park, overlooking the Harbor, a small group of people were going through the motions of sun salutations as the sun began its ascent.  We ventured toward the water and Waterfront Park as the sun made its grand appearance, showering the water with various shades of orange, yellow and pink.

We felt unhurried, as it seemed this city did, as it began its Tuesday morning. We walked up and down Rainbow Row enjoying the colorful assortment of Georgian Row Houses, which also delighted the senses with the overflowing flower boxes and planters. Tuesday was garbage pick up day on this side of the city, so trash containers lined the sidewalk as we walked up and down alleys and cobblestone side streets, stopping to snap photos on our journey.

I can’t say I will always pass on sleeping in when Gregg and I venture away from home, but I won’t choose to sleep in every time any more.




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