Slightly compulsive….

For the past two weeks, every time I go downstairs to enjoy the freshly finished living space that was once a cold concrete floor and cement walls, I have to stop and lean against the entrance of the bathroom, and turn on the light and look at the finished room for several minutes.  Sometimes, I turned on the ceiling light only, other times, I turn on the task bar too and then the recessed light in the stand up shower stall.  I can spend several minutes looking at how the room looks in the various lighting scenarios!  I feel compelled to stop and look!

Many times in the past when I have something novel and new to me, no matter how mundane, I have to inspect or look at over and over again until the newness wears off.  I did this when I purchased my first washer and dryer.  I was in my 20’s and my oldest son, Alex, was maybe around 2 or 3, and I had been going to laundry mat with him or over to my mom and dad’s to do our laundry, so when we bought our very own washer and dryer, I was enamored.  I would opened up the closet doors that they hid behind in our little townhouse apartment, and just looked at their shiny newness, until the fascination wore off.

So, I find myself doing this with our new bathroom.  This new bathroom represents many hours of my life, from agonizing over its design, and then shopping for the various components that made it all come together.  And let’s not forget the very labor intensive project of laying the tile!  I stop.  I critique the room.  I see our tiling mistakes.  I see where next time, I would do something a little different, but mostly I see a beautiful space that I’m happy to walk into and feel a sense of happiness to have finished. 

Then my mind moves to the realization that I have another bathroom to clean…….


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