Baking, Serving & God’s will

My faith journey has been somewhat schizophrenic,  some days I feel God’s presence in my life and I feel nothing could shake my resolve to believe in this Great, Good & Loving God of mine. And then the next day, I’m questioning, I’m fearful, I doubt.  Somewhere deep in my heart, that mustard seed of faith is there, so I study the Bible,  I attend Sunday Services, and I continue my quest to know Him and His will for my life.  That is what you do when you want to be in a relationship, right?  You show up.

And I wonder and I often ask Him, what do want from me? What is your will for me, Lord? I am missing the clues?  Am I ignoring them?  Is this it?

Recently, I read this post by Edie Wadsworth on her Life In Grace blog, and I am encouraged.  I am living God’s will for my life at this moment, in the everyday of taking care of my family, by providing for their needs, by serving them.  Even the mundane can be done to the glory of God.  I really like how Edie put it in her post, “God sees your everyday, menial tasks as sacred work.  You are His hands and feet at work in the world.”  (Read more at

I think about my Grandma, and how she did God’s will in the in the small everyday details of her life.  She valued serving and taking care of her family, especially by cooking and baking. To feed you was to love you for my grandma.  We could always count on her cookie jar to have delicious cookies and that is where most of her grand children and then great grand children bee lined to after entering her home.  She fulfilled God’s will for her life by making pies for the Ladies Aid at our church and by preparing and serving the food at the fish dinners.  Her faith, her relationship with her Lord, was valued by her, and many times throughout my life when I stopped by, she was sitting quietly in her chair with her Bible and her Portals of Prayer in her lap, taking time out of her day to learn about her God and talk with Him through prayer.  We talked about faith, but her choice to spend regular time with God, spoke to me much more powerfully than words.

Walking through the back porch and back door to my grandparents home was like walking into instant warmth, acceptance, and love for exactly who I was at that moment of my life.  And I usually was fed some fresh zucchini bread with lots of butter or how about a piece of apple pie?  My childhood is filled with memories of Sunday morning church services to then drive directly to Grandma & Grandpa’s house for a home cooked meal, which usually consisted of a roast, mash potatoes, salad, a vegetable side dish, and of course, a home made dessert.  My Grandma fulfilled God’s will for her life in the everyday, one cookie, one hug, one smile of encouragement, one sitting on the porch swing telling stories of the past, at a time.  She was present and engaged with her family, didn’t matter when you stopped over, you were always welcomed with a smile and a hug.  She was a Christian woman who reflected God’s love in her everyday.

Should we serve the needs of strangers?  Absolutely!  But we also need to appreciate that God made us who we are, at this time, surrounded by the people in our lives, for a reason.  And we are living God’s will through being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend…. and there is honor in that too.

I imagine that when it is time to leave my earthly body, that going home to the Lord, will be much like walking through that back door at my Grandparent’s home.  Familiar, surrounded by warmth, by acceptance, by joy that I have arrived, by love.  And perhaps I will even be handed a delicious home made cookie.

I also imagine that when Grandma passed on, she was met with open arms by the Lord she loved and served.  That she was met with these words by her Savior:

“Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”  Matthew 25:23

I have Grandma’s Recipe Collection or Binder, where she added many of her go to recipes over the years, some are hand written, some are cut outs from magazines, and some are recipe cards given to her by family and friends.  She has hand written notations on some of what must have been her favorites, “Very Good” or “Delicious”.

Here are two of my favorite cookie recipes from growing up, just in time for Holiday baking:

Delicious Sugar Cookie Cut out Recipe

Delicious Sugar Cookie Cut out Recipe

Lebkuchan cookies

Lebkuchan cookies


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