Tiling a Bathroom… plan on several months!

The basement Project seems to be never ending, but I think we are finally over the hump and creeping closer to completion.

Gregg and I decided to tile the bathroom so we could stay within budget, but still get the look we wanted.  I foolishly thought that this project would take one full weekend, perhaps a full day and half.  I was so naive!  Truth be told, we still aren’t completely done. We have a small amount of grouting to complete, but at this point needed to wait until the painters had finished.

This project, which I so enthusiastically started, has taken us many late, weeknight, after work, hours.  And as we worked into the late hours on our second or maybe even third week of laying tile and grouting, I began to tell Gregg what a bullshit idea this was, and whose idea was it anyway?

It has been difficult to find a weekend where we could devote ourselves to tiling.  It seemed every weekend, we had some invitation that would entice us away from spending the weekend in our basement.  For example, my sister calling saying they are going out on the boat, do I want to go?  Why yes I do!  Or Gregg’s sister inviting us to go rafting down the Muskegon River on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Do we want to join the group?  Why, yes!  We are in!  Yes, I want to spend a lazy afternoon floating down the river rather than be sweating in small room, covered with thin set or grout.  We found many more excuses to put off tiling on the weekends, but ultimately paid the price, since we spent many late night hours, after working, after cooking dinner, and after cleaning up dinner, to then march down to the basement bathroom, head hung heavy to work on the tile until we were ready to drop.

Gregg spent a lot of time learning how to install a Kerdi system and then installing it.  The Kerdi system is a water proofing membrane that is used prior to the tile in the stand up shower.  (It is the orangeish cover on the walls in the pictures below)

We also used small brick style natural stone sheets halfway up the vanity wall, and these proved much more complicated to install than we first anticipated, and ended having to remove a section and redo.  The tiling learning curve as been huge for us!

But, I think I can say, although there really hasn’t been enough time yet to give it true perspective, but I want to believe it has been worth the effort.  We both are pleased with the end result so far.

Here is a bit of a visual journey of where we started and where we are currently with our ambitious (for us) do it yourself project:




3 thoughts on “Tiling a Bathroom… plan on several months!

  1. Wow! You guys really are ambitious (and cheap) HAHAHA! Really, it does look great. I’ll bet the next time something needs tiling… you will run to the phone and call a pro 🙂

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