Walls and Cucumbers!

I am happy to say, We have Walls!!  The Basement project has been progressing slowly, but surely, from framework, to rough plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, sheet rock going up,and to the finishing of the drywall.  And the basement is beginning to look like it could be a livable space!

If you go back to this post, which seems like a long time ago, this shows the space before framing and after framing.  And here are the same views, after drywall, with a few extra in order to give a little bit better perspective of the space.


Gregg and I have started the tile work in the laundry and bathroom and hope to have that completed by this weekend!  So far, I’m very happy with how are selections are coming together.

Finally, I am excited to report, that I have successfully grew, and actually already picked and ate, my first homegrown cucumber!  Last year, for what reason I am not sure, my cucumber plants either died or did not grow and produce.  This year, I managed to get one healthy, cucumber producing plant, out of the 4 planted.  (2 died and one is just limping along, but I am thrilled that at least one is doing it’s job!)  I figure at approximately $.50 a cucumber, and I have harvested about 8 so far, I have saved us about $1.00 or $2.00 as compared to buying them at a farmer’s market or grocery store, since the cost of all 4 plants was around $2.00 or $2.50.  That’s what I call “winning”!  (Of course, I didn’t calculate the cost of renting a rototiller or the cost of the composted manure we purchased to amend the soil or the cost of the mulch I bought to prevent weeds from growing in my garden, and oh yeah, the many hours I put into the garden in the spring and early summer.)  I’m just happy to walk out to the garden, pick the cucumber and eat it, fresh and home grown by me!





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