Amish Auction Addiction

Blue Antique Chest

My parents and my Aunt Carol and her husband, Bob, have been attending, the first weekend in May, an Amish Auction, for the past 4 years.  Every year, Mom comes home with a variety of treasures, like a metal galvanized tub full of collectible milk glass, for small price tags!  Like $5.00 and less!  The amish farm where the auction is held is only an hour’s drive from Buttercup house, so I hopped into my car Saturday morning and made the drive over.  I am HOOKED!



I have never bid at an auction before, and I really went just to check it out, not really intending on bidding on anything, but after my first accidental bidding war win, I was ready for more!

My first auction win, was this great crock, which I have placed on my front porch, which has become a catch all for Louie’s lease, yard play toys, gardening gloves, Donovan’s hockey pucks, and I love it! front porch crock There were a series of crocks, but I lost the first few times I bid, and to be honest, I thought I quit bidding on this one after a certain point, but I must have nodded or blinked my eyes, because when the auctioneer said “Sold” and was asking for the bidder’s number, my Aunt had to nudge me and say, “That’s you, Dawn!”

After lugging the heavy crock back to my car, with a little help from my dad and uncle and their golf cart, we headed back to the barn to see what other treasures we could discover and possibly take home!  And there was plenty to choose from:



The barnIMG_1276IMG_1275IMG_1269IMG_1268IMG_1267

My favorite find was at the adjacent flea market.  I love the color and the details on this chest.  I haven’t figured out where it belongs in my house, but after we finish the basement and move furniture around, I will find the perfect chest

I also brought home other items, much to Gregg’s dismay, since he had just finished cleaning out the garage, so cars could once again call it home, and I came rolling into the driveway with “my junk” and once again his car was evicted to the driveway.

But I did show up with a little gift for him, these awesome German Beer Steins (which I won for $3.00 each!) and that seemed to make it easier as he helped me carry my loot into the garage.

beer steins




4 thoughts on “Amish Auction Addiction

  1. Ohhh, that chest is gorgeous! Lucky you! Amazing stuff…wish we had Amish Auctions in Western Australia! Probably isn’t going to happen any time soon though! 🙂

    • Hi Violet,
      I just so your comment! I’m still on a learning curve with getting and replying to them! Thanks, I love the chest too! Still looking for the perfect spot in my home for it, but I will find it!

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