Herb Garden: Part 1

The herb garden is ready for planting!  Finally!  It was bit more complicated than I anticipated, but thankfully my MacGyver-like, engineer husband was around and willing to help.  We make a good team, I have the artistic vision and he figures out the details to bring it to reality!

My inspiration was the traditional herb cartwheel or wagon wheel design:  herb wheel

Since our yard is on a slope, we had to build a retaining wall.  My original idea was just to surround the garden with a brick mowing edge,similar to this design:

But after my miserable attempt last summer, I decided, in order to make it look right, a retaining wall needed to be installed.

Here is what the herb garden looked like after the snow melted away this spring.  Gregg had decided it was his composting pile for his leftover grain from brewing, so not only was it an eyesore, but it was also stinky!



 I dug out the trench and moved all the sticks, weeds, grass and junk out:  IMG_1231

Gregg then put together this contraption, he called it a transit, and said it helped him work out how to make it level:  IMG_1251

And after adding and compacting paver rock and sand, and constant checking with the level, we put the last brick on, added the center trellis and here is the result!

herb garden IMG_1255

It is still a work in progress, but now I get to the fun and eventually tasty part.   I will buy my herbs this week, create the separation with some additional bricks and watch as they grow and can be used to create fresh pesto, added to roasted vegetables, and the many other recipes that fresh herbs enhance.  I’m going to attempt a sweet pea vine in the center trellis.  Never planted one before, so I’m unsure if they are easy to grow or not?  But I will soon find out.


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