Blood Blister, Sweat and High Fives!

Besides feeling every muscle in my body ache, besides feeling the pain of the blood blister on my finger that I smashed between a rubber mallet and a brick, besides feeling complete physical exhaustion on Monday all day, I am also feeling  proud and satisfied!

I spent Sunday afternoon creating a beautiful garden edge from tumbled Belgian brick pavers.  I only bought enough material to edge the perennial bed planted against the south side of the house.  I wanted to start with a small area in order to determine I liked the results enough to install in other areas.  I pulled up the old plastic edging that was overgrown by the lawn at this point and wasn’t serving as separation between the lawn and flowerbed anymore.

flowerbed flowerbed


I dug out the trench.



put in the landscape fabric, filled with paver sand, and with the help of my very patient husband and his trusty level, compacted the sand to a level finish and then laid my brick pattern down.  And presto!


And I’m so pleased with how it looks, that I plan to incorporate this edging in other flowerbeds.



This weekend, I plan to move to the backyard and finish a garden project that I started last summer:  my herb garden.

And I’m sure I will wake up Monday morning needing several ibuprofen.


2 thoughts on “Blood Blister, Sweat and High Fives!

  1. Love the way they look Dawn! Damn hard work though… not sure this old body is up to that anymore. Go and conquer the dirt 🙂

    • Thanks Janice! Yes, it was hard work. I want to replace the concrete sidewalk up to the front porch with pavers, but I think that will have to be done by a professional. Too much labor for this girl:)

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