Front Porch Beginnings

As the weather very slowly warms up, and the grass starts to turn gradually from brown to green, my thoughts and plans begin to move from inside the house to outside so I’m gathering all the local greenhouse coupons that get delivered to my mailbox.  And let me tell you, Western Michigan has a ton of greenhouses!  In fact, after gathering the mail one day last week, I announce all excited to Gregg that I received a mailer and coupon from one the local landscaping companies, he looks at me a little puzzled and laughs saying that its pretty sad that is what gets me hyped up, but I proceed to tell him that I  have big plans for reworking some of my flowerbeds and adding more landscaping structure to the yards. I’m anxious for the weather to cooperate and to get started, one project at a time, so I’m making my to do list:

1.  Order mulch and have delivered.

2.  Purchase new edging materials.

3.  Sketch and plan new flowerbed/landscaping spaces.

4.  Start buying trees, shrubs, and perennials!

Over last weekend, which warmed up to a glorious 70 degrees, I finally finished a project that has been on my to do list since last fall!  My mom is a thrift shop stalker and professional garbage picker and she had scored several metal chairs.  These chairs sat in her back yard for a while and she planned to repaint them, but it stayed on her to do list one day too long for my dad.  One day last fall, he decided all “junk” must leave his property asap!  So, I took the chairs off  his hands, with mom’s permission and to my husband’s dismay.  And they sat unfinished and rusted and an eyesore through fall and winter.

rusted chairs 1

rusted chairs 2

But I have a vision for my front porch and it includes these chairs, so I scraped, washed and prepared the chairs for a new coat of periwinkle blue paint and a new life.

blue chairs

blue chairs 2

I’m pleased!  I love the transformative qualities of paint!  And color!  And now I know where I want to use the old shutters I ran across at the antique store!  I plan to use them in some fashion as a focal point hanging on the siding behind the periwinkle chairs.  I’ve come across a few ideas, but haven’t quite made up my mind what i want to do.  I will go back on the antique shop trail and after I bring them home, I will play around with a few ideas.  But here a few ideas I ran across:

I also want to incorporate an outdoor rug in this area along with a little table and of course, lots of potted flowers!  So this is Step 1 of the Front Porch Transformation, well Step 2 if you count the painting job I did on the porch last summer.

I hope to make this space a quiet, inviting place  to start my day with a cup of coffee in the morning over the summer and early fall months .




3 thoughts on “Front Porch Beginnings

  1. I like the idea of just leaning them against wall with plants all around them. The chairs are a miraculous conversion! Great (hard) work Dawn!

    • Thanks Janice! I really like them too! Thanks for the comment! Yeah! I think you may be right about the shutters especially if I’m buying antique shutters that already have a lot of character.

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