Sock Problem:(

sock basket

I have a sock problem! I try to stay on top of the sock sorting and matching, I really do, but I always end up with the dreaded sock basket! A pile of what seems like hundreds of unmatched socks! How does this happen? Where can the lost matches be?

I sometimes totally give up on matching any socks and just throw them in the basket as I fold clothes.  One of the kids will yell down from their bedroom, “MOM!  Where are my socks?”  My answer, “You have to find them!  Check the sock basket!”  My kids all know to check that basket now.

Sometimes, I state, “I’ve had enough.”  And I tackle sorting and matching socks.  My family passes by and looks to see socks lined up on the back and the seat of the sofa and along the coffee table and all over floor while I furiously put together all the matches, and then I always threaten, “I’m going to throw out all these unmatched socks!” But I can’t make myself do it! Why? I’m not sure, but when I’m standing over the trash can ready to dump the whole basket in, I stop and think, Wait! What if I throw these away and the match shows up tomorrow! Then I will regret this decision!  In fact, when we moved across the country from Utah to Michigan, the sock basket was packed up and moved!!  Even then I couldn’t throw away the unmatched socks!!  After all, they are still perfectly fine, wearable socks!  Who cares if they don’t match, right?  If you are desperate and needs socks, and time is running short, you will wear unmatched socks.

See my internal struggle here?  Am I the only person who struggles with the sock situation?  Or are they fellow sock sufferers out there?

sock basket



2 thoughts on “Sock Problem:(

  1. My solution to this is to buy several packs of all the same style sock in a different color for each person. I can’t stand mismatched socks!!

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