Jackpot!! Yahtzee!! Bingo!!

Antique Sign

Recently, Gregg and I went on the hunt for a vanity for the bathroom that is being added in the basement project.  I liked the idea of finding a chest that we could repurpose as a bathroom vanity.  It also gave us the opportunity to spend an afternoon exploring Western Michigan and relaxing together.  We started close to home and worked our way toward Lake Michigan and then up the Shoreline.  We explored salvage stores, antique shops, thrift shops, blueberry stores, and brew pubs.

We leisurely poked around items that have a history, a past,  who could tell a stories if they could speak.  I picked up objects and admired what was once picked up admired and brought home by another woman from another time, another generation.  A yellow Depression glass butter dish… was this brought out only on special occasions or was it used it everyday?  It seems so delicate and beautiful, I was afraid it would get broken at my home, so I didn’t buy it.

butter dish










Here are some of the possibilities that we ran across for a bathroom vanity.

Antique Chest Antique Chest with Marble Top Antique Table Rustic ChestThese all are unique and I could definitely see some of these working with a vessel type sink basin, but size was the biggest factor. Our new bathroom is small so we really can’t go wider than 30″, and so the space won’t feel so cramped a smaller sized vanity would be even better.  Most of what we saw was ruled out due to size, either too wide, too short, too deep or just not exactly the look we would like to achieve.

Gregg even suggested using this old radio as a base, and it could possibly work, the width is only about 18″ and it is counter height, but there would be no counter or storage space, so we somewhat ruled it out, but it was a clever idea.

Antique RadioPrimitive Table with Stars

We found this charming primitive table with the star designs on the doors and sides, and I thought it might make an interesting vanity, repainted and then slightly distressed,  Gregg vetoed that idea, but I’m still thinking about using it somewhere else in the house.  Maybe as an end table or nightstand?  I think it is an interesting piece of furniture.

We also saw quite a few old trunks and storage chests, so I’m thinking about how I can incorporate one into the design of the basement media room.  Coffee table?  It would also be a functional piece since it could store extra blankets and pillows.Antique storage chests

Look at those cool old shutters behind the storage chests!  I also love them and am trying to figure a creative use or application for them.

As we were driving west, we came across a building with the sign Macys Antiques out front.  We did a U turn and pulled into their very muddy drive.  The spring thaw was not kind to the dirt terrain of what was the parking lot.  The sign said antiques, but it was really a thrift shop pretending to be an antique shop.  The front porch area had an old air hockey table and washer/dryer and other miscellaneous items and as I went to turn the front door knob to enter it fell completely off!  The proprietor was a toothless man with kind demeanor, and he welcomed us and asked what we were shopping for.  We walked to the back and the items were set up warehouse style and the space was cold and dirty, and I was beginning to feel that stopping here was a mistake and waste of time, but then I came across these dining room chairs!  dining chairsI’ve wanted to replace my current dining room chairs for years, and I have had a Windsor style chair in mind for quite some time, I’ve priced them, but have never found the right style chair at the right price for me.  I’m a bargain shopper, and like to get a good deal, my kids tell me I should be on the show “extreme cheapskates”, but I can promise you, I am not that bad, I prefer to think of myself as frugal, but not obsessed with saving money.  Anyway, I found these chairs, and didn’t buy them on the spot, which I regretted, so we went back the next day, and took them home.  I cleaned them up, and just added extra distressing by sanding the places where the paint was chipped.  Windsor chairsAnd I love them!  There were only 4 chairs, so I still need to find 2 end chairs, but I am happy, happy, happy with my new dining chairs.  And I’m especially happy with the price!dining room with new chairs

As we traveled on this cloudy end of winter March day, we drove past rows of fruit trees that seemed menacing or angry that winter has been so long and harsh?  It was visually striking driving past acres and acres of these gnarled, twisted, linear forms.

angry trees

angry tree


angry orchard

When we reached South Haven, we decided to drive up the Blue Star Highway, and as we drove past antique and garden shops that had already closed for the day, we agreed another road trip would be needed once the snow has completely melted.  Although it was too late in the day for the antique shops along the Blue Star Highway, we did stumbled across the Saugatuck Brewing Co., and its parking lot was full and open sign was lit, so a stop for a tasting and dinner was in order.  It was St Patrick’s Day Weekend so they had a traditional Irish band playing.  The food and beer was delicious and the atmosphere was buoyant.  This was a relaxing end to a day filled with treasure hunting, and one serendipitous thrift shop score.Saugatuck Brewing Co.

Saugatuck Brewing Co


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