Transformations Past and Present

The basement project has officially begun!  The footprint of the floor plan is starting to take shape with most of the framing walls up.  The space is not huge, but we came up with a design that makes the most of the square footage.  As the snow melts and winter transitions into spring, we continue the transformation of the Buttercup house.  We bought the house on a short sale, and it had been sitting empty, neglected, and unloved for quite some time.  And according to some conversations with folks in our neighborhood, the people that owned it just prior to us didn’t put much effort into maintaining the house either. Over the past year and a half,  we have repainted the living room, dining room, Hannah’s bedroom, the mudroom, the half bath, and the kids full bath upstairs.  I also have concentrated a lot of effort on the yard and getting the grass back, at the very least, to an acceptable appearance.  I  have reworked, cleaned up, re mulched (4 yards worth) and added plantings to most of the flowerbeds surrounding the house, but I have many more ideas I hope to make a reality this spring and summer.  Toward the end of last summer, I put out a message on our neighborhood Facebook page that if anyone is dividing perennials, I would be happy to take them off their hands, and I had several very kind people respond and actually came home to boxes of flowers on my front porch and driveway.  I am curious to see if they survived our very cold and snowy winter.  And I’m wondering if our efforts in thatching, reseeding, and winter fertilizing will make for a green, relatively weed free lawn.

We also painted the front porch and deck floorboards with a neutral green called “Green Annie” and the sideboards (not sure if that is what they are actually called, but the boards facing out and trimming the porch and deck), a bright white.  It made a huge difference, in my humble opinion.

photo(12) photo(10) photo(2) photo(7)

I also painted the front door and the side lights the barn red color.  The door was a sun faded and weathered grey blue, so I felt a little pop of color and contrast would make an impact.  And I’m happy with the result.

photo(4) photo(8)

The basement still has a long, long, long way to go, but I thought I would share a couple photos at the start of this project and the progress so far.  We have hired a very hard working and detailed contractor and so far he has been fantastic.  He has a passion for his work and it shows in his attitude and work ethic, and that is refreshing to see.  We have a lot of decisions to make about the overall design and style we want to have in these new spaces, but I will share these as the project progresses.

IMG_1016 IMG_1017 IMG_1014 IMG_1103 IMG_1011 IMG_1020


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