Getting inspired!!

As we get closer to kick off time on the finishing of our basement and the remodel of our kitchen, I’ve been browsing the internet for inspiration photos. If you haven’t been to, then you should make a point to check it out. They also have an app, which I have on my iPhone and Kindle, and I’ve found many photos that I’ve saved to various idea books over the last few months.

Originally, our timeline was to do the basement only and move onto the kitchen a bit later down the line, but after a lot of thought on our motivation to move into the other house, we decided that the kitchen needed to done right away too.  Of course, we have a budget, so now some difficult decisions or choices have to be made.

When we originally planned the basement project last summer, we had planned for stacked stone gas fireplace.  My thoughts were that the basement will be extra cold in the winter, so it would help to make the room more comfortable and cozy along with being an aesthetically pleasing focal point in the room.   We have a gas fireplace on the main floor, so the plan was to put it on the same wall directly underneath, since the gas line is right there which we hoped would cut down on the installation cost. We also planned to install the stack stones ourselves.  My minds eye was envisioning something like these photos I found on Houzz.

But now with deciding to tackle the kitchen at the same time, I’m thinking I may need to cut the fireplace from the plan, which is difficult, because I really wanted the fireplace!  I’ve been consoling myself with the idea that I could move the large entertainment center that I have on the main floor into the larger basement media room, it would fit better there, and then I could redesign the living room.

I have an appointment on Monday with a local kitchen sales rep/designer, to get an estimate on the changes I want to make.  So once I have a better idea on cost of the kitchen and after we get some prices on the cost of the gas fireplace insert and installation along with the cost of the stone, we will make a final decision.

I plan to use these inspiration pictures that I saved as a jumping point for the kitchen renovation.  I definitely want a black and white kitchen!  I’m excited about the difference this change will bring!


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