Staying put… for now.

Decision has been made!  Sign is gone from the front yard and we have decided to stay  in the Buttercup house and move forward with our upgrade plans…. Contractors bids are in, and we’ve settled on a contractor who does great work (we visited a home he was working on over the summer) and who will work with us, so that we can do some of the work in order to decrease the cost….

As we wait for the permits to be pulled and our contractor to finish up the current job he is working, I’ve started looking at what small changes I can make now to make the house more reflect who we are; after all, a home and it’s interior design should reflect the personality and lives of the people who live within its walls.

I’ve been thinking about framing and hanging some of Gregg’s photos for quite some time, so I finally made the move.  I chose photos from our road trip out west driving down the Pacific Coast Hwy from Oregon down into Napa Valley area.  I placed them in the space above the bay windows in our living room, but after living with them there for a week, we decided 1) The frames were too big for the wall space and 2) it was difficult to see the photos.

1st grouping above Bay Window

1st grouping above Bay Window

So, I chose to move this grouping above our fireplace and rearrange the mantel a bit.

Fireplace wall Before

Fireplace wall Before

Fireplace Wall After

Fireplace Wall After

And in the space above the bay window, we choose photos from the same trip, but that are more abstract in nature and can be seen from a distance.

Bay Window After

Bay Window After

They are close up images of roses… During our West Coast adventure we stayed at a campground in Coos Bay, Oregon, (Oregon is a beautiful state and I highly recommend a visit) and as we were leaving the campground in the morning, we decided to explore the area and came across a state park, Shore Acres State Park, that was once the estate of a very wealthy family.  The gardens were beautiful and Gregg took many photos, so that is where all the  photos come from.  The photos of the ocean were taken from the bluff where the family mansion once stood (it burned down in a tragic fire).  An accidental but beautiful find because we choose to go off the beaten path…


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